Monday, December 20, 2010

The funniest piece of clothing: the romper! :]

Well, I actually have a Romper (my mother thought it was a mistake) but, I love it.
A bunch of you may laugh, and others might not actually know what it is!
Let me explain for those who are ignorant of the wonderful romper.   It is kind of like someone took a shirt (usually tank-top) and some "booty shorts"  and melded them together.   For example:

(my romper is from the wonderful H&M,  it is a great store that is sort of high fashion with belk prices ;])

I think my romper is a better looking one, but they are pretty much adorable to me.  They are great for Summer and I have some ideas that will allow you to actually wear them anytime of the year!! (No, seriously!) 

First things first, I will start with the basics.  Just add a shirt underneath.  Depending on what color or pattern the romper comes in, it is usually really easy to add a shirt that looks natural with it. I just had a v-neck, Red Camel, royal blue shirt underneath, but I bet you could add almost anything, even a long sleeve shirt.  

Now you may think I am crazy for wearing the romper by itself, but you may just think I am nuts for using it as just a shirt.   But think about it, random people on the street aren't going to see you and think, "hey, that girl is wearing a romper with pants over it, she's weird."    Even people that know you probably won't notice or care that it isn't being used the right way.  They are just going to think you look cute!  Am I right?

Anyways, I thought this way was my favorite, I can't tell you where the shirt was from, my mom had it forever.  But the pants were bought at (where else but?)  Belks!!  In the women's section, which is my favorite place to shop.

I hope you enjoyed these ideas, and even more I hope you may use them (:  I just enjoyed wearing all of these delightful outfits that came from the romper.   

p.s. I bet you could even wear a cardigan with it ;]

1. My eyes look a little funny in these pictures.  Hmm, I didn't notice. Haha
2. While taking these pictures, I was listening to Christmas music, and for some weird reason there was a song about an Italian Christmas Donkey.    
3. I would like to thank my Harry Potter book series for holding my camera high enough to get my head in these pictures.  I had to use all seven books to get my 5 foot 9 inch body in the frame. 
4. Btw, the last idea with the pants, it is a hassle to go to the bathroom in that outfit.  

Until next time, 


Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle your Cardigan!

This is my first helpful post, and it is about Cardigans, as you can tell.

Cardigans can be very helpful if you think a plain t-shirt looks boring to you, throw it over your shirt and you're ready to go.   Here are some of my favorite ways to wear  the infamous cardigan;

(me in my bathroom, thought it was the best place, nice light, and pretty brick background.)

You can use a plain t-shirt in any color, it just depends on what color Cardigan you have. I have put a cream cardigan (belks)  over a gray, Red Camel t-shirt.  

This is a cream tank-top you can find almost anywhere, and I just put the unbuttoned cardigan over it.

Another Red Camel shirt from belk's.  This time it is a purple v-neck.

All of these combinations (and more) put with medium dark jeans, creates a cute, comfortable, and fun look that you can keep wearing differently every time!

Until next time,


About Coco's Closet!

Alright, so this is my first time blogging, ever.   My cousin got me into it (thanks bee) and I decided to try it out since I had an idea of what I should blog about.

So, the plan for my little blog spot is to help myself and my audience recycle their closet full of clothes.  I know (and don't deny it) that you have clothes somewhere in your room that you bought not long ago, thought you could wear all the time, and have not seen after the 3rd use. I am here to help!

My idea is to take the clothes I already have and got bored of, and mix it with other articles of clothing I already own, and re-wear it again and again, so it never looks the same.

This is also good practice for me because someday I would LOVE to be the (not a)  leader in World Fashion. (:

I will use myself, or maybe my lil' sis as models and not just tell you, but SHOW you how I change everything up!

(Added plus, helps with my writing as well ;])

Wish me luck on this educational adventure into the world of Fashion!

Until next time,